The Past Plots

Its Harry Potters Seventh year. Dumbledore was murdered at the end of last year and everyone is still in disbelieve that Severus Snape would do such a thing. The trio though they said they weren't gonna return to hogwarts have returned. Though Ron is obviously not happy like the rest of his family. They have returned atleast till they can determine a plan on getting the horcruxs or if something worse happens. Over the Summer Ginny Weasley has gone missing. The last time she was seen was when she out in the burrows garden. Rumors have it that the dark lord has taken her for one reason or another. Minerva Mcgonagall is headmistress now. Draco Malfoy is now a full fledged Death eater. Even though the Malfoys have dissapointed the Dark lord alot, the dark lord seems to want to keep Draco around so he lets his mother and father live. The Weasleys are all working except Mrs. Weasley who mostly sits around the garden where her daughter was last seen. The Order of the Phoneix is now led by Sirius Black who had faked his death in harry's fifth year. What will happen now? Will the Dark lord attempt to take over the ministry? Or will he start with Hogwarts just to get at Harry? What side will you choose?

Harry's Seventh year has ended and he and the rest of the kids his age are now out in the real world. Voldemort is growing so strong that the world is in dangerous times and everyone is afraid. There are people who don't believe in Potter any more thinking that if he was gonna win in the war he would of already taken Voldemort down. Harry is now the head of the Order and an Auror for the ministry. Which is a good sign for that means the ministry hasn't fallen just yet. Hermione is working in the Magical Law Enforcement half and Ron is also an Auror. Draco Malfoy has also taken up an Auror spot to most peoples disbelief. No one really believes that he is on Harry's side but the Ministry won't listen, plus harry is slowly starting to trust Malfoy. Death Eaters are starting to move more into the open and striking out without much care. Draco Is really a Death Eater that has learned to be a good actor. The Order of the Phoenix is doing their best to thwart Voldemort where they can to little avail. Hogwarts is still under Mcgonagall's eye, though Death eaters have been trying to penetrate its defenses. Ginny Weasley, who is now a mother of a 4 month old baby named Selvyn has reluctantly returned to hogwarts while her mother takes care of Selvyn. People are still questioning them on the father to no avail. People have gotten Rumor that there is a chance the child is Draco Malfoy's son but the Weasley's have told the press that it was the guy who had kidnapped her and that Draco to the family's astonishment had been her rescuer for that is what Ginny claimed to them. Is that the reason Harry trusts him more? Probably. So Which Side do you follow? Are you with Harry? Voldemort? or perhaps neutral and rather remain out of this war? Choose wisely.

The Ministry has been over taken by Death eaters. This happened in the spring of 1999. The minister is now Draco Malfoy and the headmaster of hogwarts is none other then Severus Snape. Pius thicknesse has been taken to St Mungo's for the stress has driven him insane, and the ministry has Elected none other then Draco Malfoy as its next Minister of Magic. So the Wizarding world is convinced the ministry has been overrun but they are remaining quiet about it scared for their families. Mudbloods are being rounded up and if they can't proof they have wizarding folk in their lines they are sent off to Azkaban to suffer and be punished for "stealing" magic. The trio are no where to be see and the Weasley family have all but vanished from the radar of the ministry due to them being placed under Secret Keeper. The Wizarding world are quiet shocked to see Draco in such high standards with the Dark lord though Severus Snape its not as unexpected due to the fact that he apparently had been doing his duty all along. What is the trio up to? What is the Dark Lords next move? Do you remain Silent? Do you worship the dark lord? Or do you pray Harry is plotting something? Where do you belong?

The year is 2027 , 29 years after the down fall of the dark lord. All has calmed down and hogwarts began its repair. The ministry of Magic has elected a new minister of magic in Kingsley Shecklebolt. Minerva McGonagall is now the headmistress of hogwarts. It took five years to reopen hogwarts. Kids were home schooled till then. The last of the death eaters have been rounded up and sent to azkaban where the dementors have sullenly returned to it now that their freedom has once again been taken away. The giants were slain except for Gwarp who now resides in the dark forest and watches over Hogwarts with his half brother Hagrid. The trio have all formed their lives, gotten jobs, married and had kids. Harry is head of the Auror office, Ron is an Auror, Hermione is head of the magical law enforcement. Harry has married Ginny Weasley and they have had 3 Kids. Ron has married Hermione and they have had 5 kids. The others too have gone on with their lives, some have married and had kids and gotten jobs while others still look for love. Draco Malfoy has married Astoria Greengrass. They have had 4 kids. Draco has taken up a position as an Auror now that he has found his way. No one knew that Voldemort had two kids with Bellatrix Lestrange. His oldest is 28 years. However; the second one was kept as a baby, with some strange magic. She and her older brother were raised by the malfoy's even after the defeat of their father. The daughters growth was slow and 5 years ago did she start to look like a teenager. She now appears to be 16 years of age and seems to be aging like any other kid as if the spell has finally been broken. Unknown to the malfoy's but they had been bewitched to make sure the two had been raised to view Voldemort as the man who was meant to be in charge etc. Now the son raising his sister in a cottage near the malfoy's mansion. They were both taught they would be equals to each other and rise up together to take down the ministry once and for all. The boy had a mission and that mission was to again ressurect the dark lord. No one of course knows about them or this mission. Or they didn't until last year when professor Trewalny had yet another vision this one was of a boy and girl working to bring darkness once again to them and to ressurect the dark lord. Again. This prophecy has been kept under wraps for the moment as no one wants to freak anyone out just yet. So with all that said School has started up once again and kids have been returning to the school eager to learn. The Question is where do you belong?.