adult cannon characters

Harry Potter 45 Years Head of the Auror's Married to Ginny Potter Open
Ginny Potter 44 Years Reporter Married to Harry Potter Katie
Ronald Weasley 45 Years Auror Married to Hermione Weasley Open
Hermione Weasley 46 Years Head of Magical Law Enforcement Married to Ronald Weasley Open
Neville Longbottom 45 Years Herbology Professor Married to Hannah Longbottom Open
Hannah Longbottom 45 Years Charms Professor Married to Neville Longbottom Open
Luna Scamander 44 Years Adventurist Married to Rolf Scamander Open
Rolf Scamander 45 Years Adventuror Married to Luna Scamander Open
Draco Malfoy 45 Years Auror Married to Astoria Malfoy Katie
Astoria Malfoy 45 Years Stay at Home Mom Married to Draco Malfoy Open
George Weasley 47 Years Owner of Joke Shop Married to Angelina Weasley Open
Angelina Weasley 46 Years Works in Joke shop Married to George Weasley Open
Bill Wealsey 55 Years Old Works for Gringotts Married to Fleur Weasley Open
Fleur Weasley 50 Years Stay at home mom Married to Bill Weasley Open
Charlie Weasley 53 Years Works with Dragons Single Open
Percy Weasley 49 Years Works for the Daily Prophet Married to Audrey Weasley Open
Audrey Weasley 38 Years Works as Assistant to Minister Married to Percy Weasley
Kingsley Shacklebolt 70 Years Minister of Magic Single Open
Arthur Weasley 75 Years Head of Muggle Law Enforcement Married to Molly Weasley Open
Molly Weasley 75 Years Unemployed Married to Arthur Weasley Open
Lucius Malfoy 71 Years Retired Married to Narcissa Malfoy Open
Narcissa Malfoy 72 Years Retired Married to Lucius Malfoy Open

If I missed any that were still alive at the end of the series that you want to play go ahead and audition for them.